MISSCHO - Migration Studies Ph.D. Summer School 2021

MISSCHO - Migration Studies Ph.D. Summer School 2021


The Institute for Migration Research (University of Granada) will be holding the International Doctoral Summer School “Migration Studies in COVID times: Reshaping research and political agendas” (13-16 September)

Scientific directors: Nieves Ortega Pérez (UGR), Victoria Rodríguez-Rico Roldán (UGR) & Roberta T. Di Rosa (UGR-UNIPA)

The aim of this Migration Studies Ph.D. Summer School is to provide an intensive program that enhances the research exchanges among the group of universities participating, while thinking about the changes on mobility and communities we are experiencing.

This aims at the following subjects:

1. How the world-wide health situation has affected mobilities in Europe and the way researchers focus on the subject.

2. How research is reshaping its way of approaching migration issues in the Euro Mediterranean system.

3. How the public actors are responding new demands and setting up new agendas.

Considering the different topics that the Ph.D. students are developing in their studies, the common concern on methodologies, categories and approaches of analysis will be the main instrumental focus. Therefore, it will be required that students work in teams and create presentations while adapting their research projects to the changes happened since the pandemic was declared.

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