2023 MISSCHO - Migration Studies Ph.D. Summer School

Mié, 07/06/2023 - 10:38

Representation, narratives and discourse on migration, 3-6th July, 2023

Institute for Migration Research, University of Granada (Spain)

Scientific directors: Nieves Ortega Pérez (UGR), Victoria Rodríguez-Rico Roldán (UGR), Francisco J. Durán Ruiz (UGR) & Roberta T. Di Rosa (UGR-UNIPA)

Short description

The aim of this Migration Studies Ph.D. Summer School (MISSCHO) 2023 is to provide an intensive program that enhances the research exchanges among the group of universities participating. It aims at bringing together researchers who are working on migration-related issues from different disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

This aims at the following subjects:

  1. How discourse and identity are formed in migration studies.
  2. How the migrants' experiences are represented and construct new perceptions and narratives.
  3. Which perspectives and methodologies navigating between traditional Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) perspectives and other combined approaches produce new understandings of discourse on migration.

Considering the different topics that the Ph.D. students are developing in their studies, the common concern on methodologies, categories and approaches of analysis will be the main instrumental focus. Therefore, it will be required that students work in teams and prepare presentations to debate on.

We will be accepting applications until June 22, 2023. It closes at midnight (CET). Acceptance and further steps will be notified June 26, 2023. Applicants must pay the registration fee by June 30, 2023.

Deadline extension for applications: June 26, 2023

For more information, please refer to Summer School (MISSCHO) 2023